New Jyothi Publications has been a very strong institution in the field of publication since 1989, the year it laid its foot in this field . Years back we were beginners and our first venture was the SSLC Rank File. At that time rank file in SSLC was not popular in Kerala. The New Jyothi SSLC Rank File was a new light as its name suggests literally, to the students. It was appreciated all over Kerala.1989 was a time of serious students, matured and aim oriented! Appreciation at that time is nothing less than a Gold Medal in Olympics.

With our first venture a great success, in spite of other publications strong in the field, we got the courage to step forward. And as our next project we worked on solved previous SSLC question papers. The minds of students were longing for something so genuine and our next project was a grand success.

Slowly the publication was getting nourished and growing. As we flourished we decided to spread our branches,keeping SSLC as our main work, we set our foot in the field of languages. By 1995 we were in full swing with grammar & composition books which were not only useful to school students but also a blessing to students of higher classes. These books proved to be 3 in one. They also helped people preparing for competitive examinations to lay a strong foundation for their language skill.

1998, an year of changes! Pre Degree was detached from colleges and became a part of schools. Arrival of +2 section made us concentrate on their requirements. The SSLC students who had been in profit by studying New Jyothi Rank File, raised demands for +2 section book. On public demand, New Jyothi announced its new project. We started working on +2 science text books. The work was risky; new syllabus; new model and new system: there was utter confusion among all. But when the New Jyothi text book came to light, it lighted the academic life of the +2 students and last but not least many teachers let out, sign of relief. They were able to teach what was required and the main point was they were able to make students understand what they were teaching. Other books, which were authorised teaching books, stepped down to reference texts gradually and this was natural. Since our text books contained the same information presented in a simple manner in with the pack of syllabus. Both theory and practical text books were appreciated all over Kerala. This gave us strength and motivated us to work on further projects. We launched the +2 previous question papers and answers, model question papers and there was a strong demand for these.

A group so close to students and nothing to do to train them directly except through books was not an acceptable fact. New Jyothi announced its grand arrival in the field of coaching as New Jyothi Study Centre. New venture in such an already occupied field was a risk. But as usual New Jyothi clicked. Today we have a centre for coaching, full flourished. +2 and +1 tuition centre helped the students a lot.

In 2003 an entrance coaching centre was opened as a new project of New Jyothi. The white elephants in the field of entrance coaching were stunned to see the strength for our 3 batches that year. Since it was a new project we were forced to close admission after 3 batches and many returned without registration. The entrance examination results carved New Jyothi's name in golden letters. Another feather on New Jyothi's crown.

In 2005 we started coaching for competitive examinations. It was obvious that quality coaching at an affordable fees structure would be a success.[Details in coaching details].

In 2004 the publication decided to open its own printing press in Sivakasi. It was an asset to the publication undertaking a work which demands perfection and is expected to be time bound. New Jyothi today is fully flourished group with branches all over Kerala , 202 marketing staffs, 22 district managers, 2 zonal managers and marketing section contribute to the smooth running of the institution. The main office at Thiruvanathapuram is a spacious building in the city centre (Thampanoor) with 25 staffs working.